If you are interested in getting a training plan for your up coming event, whether it be a 3 hour adventure race, GODZone, Coast to Coast, Ultramarathon, Motu Challenge or a local multisport race then I would love to hear from you.
I am also super interested in helping you with gear and equipment, costs and planning, general fitting training in around life and work.

Get in touch if you would like a chat about a big hairy audacious goal, bounce it off me and we can see what is possible. I love big goals and challenges!

My coaching services run through Rob Dallimore at Foot Traffic Coaching. He has many years of experience coaching athletes so is a real wealth of knowledge that will oversee your training plan and is available for even more advice! Especially bike related, I mean who can keep up with all the bike tech?..


We love reading testimonials. Here’s a particularly special one that Multisport Coach Anna Barrett‘s athlete Vaughn has sent us after he and his team finished the GODZone Adventure race a few weeks ago….

“Late last year I signed up as part of a team for the Godzone Adventure Race and having never done an adventure race before, let alone a 7 Day expedition length race, I needed some real help! I contacted Anna Barret and within a few months I was seeing results and building up significant knowledge to enable me to prepare for the race. Our team successfully completed the race full course in 5 days – what an amazing experience on a very challenging course deep in the southern alps. While it seriously pushed the team to physical and mental limits, Anna got me in superb condition and had a great time doing it!

Anna got me well prepared for the event to physically deal with the continuous long days and her advice from experience on all things adventure racing was fantastic in developing the required knowledge for such tough event. Anna provided excellent information on equipment, navigation, food, logistics and race planning. With my role as team navigator there were a lot of route planning and navigation questions Anna gave guidance on – with no GPS allowed, no set course and 7 days of racing there is a lot of room to get seriously lost!

My goal was to be strong enough to still be coherent to deal with hard navigation decisions in what were some very brutal unmarked mountain trekking in mountains and often in the middle of the night. A few of the other team members asked how could have the mental head space to deal with navigating after physical exhaustion from such long days and limited sleep. Anna prepared me well for the specific event and conditions to be experienced, and the many discussions based from experience helped confidence and focus on the right areas.

While I’ve been in good shape before for triathlon races, 5 days of very long stages with full gear pack trekking, jumping rocks, steep descents, riding /carrying a MTB, rafting and long kayak paddles all after significantly reduced sleep are very different on body. The specific training was spot on and while I didn’t feel as “fit” going into the event as I have felt for past short triathlon events, in reality I was twice as fit in terms of what was required for Godzone! A serious physical and mental challenge.”

Well done Vaughn and Anna.

If you are after coaching services for a Multisport event then get in touch with us.