2018 in General and Coast to Coast Gear Review

I said I might be a while after GODZone 2018, and its been great. I have spent a lot of time horizontal, farming, gardening, catching up with friends, movie watching and baking. It started off as an exciting 2018 with Bobby popping the question in March. We planned for a December wedding and worked hard over the calving season, slowly watching our training and fitness degrade. It is just another element that makes farming so hard.

Then things got turned upside down. During calving we lost my dad to an aviation accident while flying to Stewart Island.  This event changed the end of 2018 to what now seems like going through the motions and wanting to disappear into a cave. However our wedding went on with dad fresh in our minds, we have done heaps on the farm and around home and we have only slowly got back into training. One day we would like to visit the crash site (with a navigator to help us find it!)

This year it is just Bobby doing the Coast to Coast, I really want to do it but am doing Redbull Defiance with my friend Lydia and then GODZone with Bobby and Tane in the Sneaky Weasel Gang. We are yet to find our other team member, so hands up?!
Mum and I will be support crewing for Bobby at Coast and we cant wait, we will just have to imagine dad there supporting like the pro he has the last 5 years.


So that brings me to info that I have been meaning to post for so long! After Coast to Coast 2018 I gathered the gear from the longest day and two day events and put it into a spreadsheet below. This info is really helpful for anyone involved in the Coast to Coast, new or elite, so please share it around. A discussion about the gear is welcomed! And maybe you can try something different if your gear isn’t working out. Just remember that everyone has their preference 🙂

c2c gear 1 day 18 v1-1

c2c gear 2 day 18 v1

The main differences between the ‘one day’ and ‘two day’ events are that the one day are not allowed to draft on the bikes after the first ride. So a lot of them use triathlon style bike set ups with aero bars. In the two day you aren’t allowed aero bars and drafting is allowed in all the bike sections.

The other difference is in the one day the athlete hangs their bike at the top of the gravel road after the second bike ride. Then grab whatever footwear they like from their support crew to run down to the kayak. In the two day the athletes have no support crew at the top of the gravel and have to run with their bike down the gravel road. So where do shoes appear from? Athletes carry them in their pockets or wear mtb shoes for running or have cages/plates to pedal with their shoes on.

I also have nutrition details for the athletes above that I will post separately, however it is a bit messy so I need to figure out a way to best display it. One of the top 10 athletes in the Longest Day had KFC Potato and Gravy on the bike… any guesses who?




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