Coast to Coast Top 10 Two Day Gear Review

Ok I’ve been meaning to get to this for a while but things have been very busy here on the farm with calves taking over every inch of shed space we have.
The gear used by the top 10 Two Day competitors in 2017:

the link to the pdf download is here C2C gear two day

One thing to note is the second day of the event is tricky because competitors first start on a road bike leg and then to get to the kayaks they have to run with their bike down a short gravel road. (the One Day competitors can rack their bikes at the top.) Keeping your bike shoes on would be a nightmare trying to run down in, so some competitors choose to use mountain bike shoes for this leg as they are a little easier to run in, or choose to carry a pair of shoes in their pockets and put them on. Also you have to take into consideration if you will be wearing anything on your feet in the kayak, which is the next leg..

There is a real mix of gear used but some similar shoes and run packs to the One Day competitors. The kayaks are noticeably more stable and the paddle lengths similar.
I hope this gives more of the entrants for this years Coast to Coast a bit of a shopping list and a starting point 🙂

Any discussion is welcome, what gear are you planning on using for 2018?




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