Coast to Coast Top 10 Gear Review

Each year competitors stress about which gear to use for the Coast to Coast. Many people are purchasing for the first time, need direction on where to start, and some who have raced before are looking for an edge.
I have always been super keen on getting more people into multisport, especially to the start line of the Coast to Coast so I hope this helps you or someone you know on their way.

PDF Version: C2C gear

There are a few key points from this data. Firstly the bike choice for the men and women; the men almost all ride time trial bikes for all three legs. Whereas many women choose to ride a road bike for the first one or two legs and a TT bike for only the final 70km ride.

The hotly debated use of pedal plates for the first two rides is highlighted here : only six out of the twenty athletes have used them, are they quicker than triathlon shoes, or are multisporters now practicing triathlon style transitions, minimising the plate benefit?

Footwear is carried on in the next column for the mountain run and shows a wide range of brands and models. Shoe choice often comes down to personal preference and there may never be a ‘best performing’ shoe for the run, however this chart provides a good list of shoes to try.

The running pack column is dominated by Ultimate Direction and Salomon. Some research will show that the packs used by these athletes are lightweight, comfortable to run in, have ample storage and easy access to food and drink.

Kayak choice can cause more of a headache for some people, especially if you are looking to go faster down the Waimakariri; you may be scanning this column and then going on Trademe to find they aren’t listed very often. However from seeing this list, which do you think is the fastest kayak for the Waimak? – Taking all things into consideration.

In the men’s category the Flow MS2 is a popular paddle choice. Is the blade size for Sam, Sam and Sam larger than a MS2?  – Let me know as these three are extremely quick paddlers. Perhaps we will see this list next year with a whole lot of Jantex Gamma Small Plus listed.
In the women’s there is a tie between the Flow MS1 and Legend Small Fusion.

Finally the paddle length is interesting across the athletes and something we should consider more. You will see Sam Clark doesn’t have his shaft at a ridiculous length and the women hovering around 200cm.

Please add in the comments the gear you have used at the Coast to Coast. It is obvious there is no ‘one fits all’ and I think that is what I wanted to highlight here. If you are doing the Coast to Coast for the first time it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, there are so many options and second hand gear works just fine.

Multisport Convoy
From the top: JKK Total Eclipse, Flow Rockstar, JKK Magnetar, Sharp 6



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